Stronger Communities


Welcoming asylum seekers and refugees, especially in deprived areas, can and does lead to increased conflict between communities, due to a perceived competition for resources such as housing, doctors’ appointments and school places. But many of the issues faced by refugees, asylum seekers and British people experiencing poverty are the same.

During 2017 and the beginning of 2018 All One Collective & Lab worked in partnership with the St. Augustine’s Centre to deliver a Stronger Communities pilot project. The aim of the project was to test different methodologies around the promotion of community cohesion.

The project delivered activities to promote better relationships between people of different backgrounds and to build confidence, skills and knowledge amongst community members to enable them to take action on issues important to their lives.

The project delivered a number of activities with community groups in Park Ward and North Halifax which included:

Community Skill Training – focusing on raising political literacy and an understanding of the wider systems impacting on communities. The training also included training on practical and concrete skills in leadership and public speaking.

Halifax Stories – an art-based programme of workshops delivered in partnership with Counterpoints Arts using story- telling and creative writing to explore the different identities of community participants and their connections to each other.

Dialogue Sessions – Conversation Café style dialogue sessions run with community groups in Park

Refugee Awareness Training – delivered by the St. Augustine’s Centre to children and young people in local schools

Watch this video to gain insights into the impact of our Community Skills Training programme. Delivered to participants of the Stronger Communities pilot project in the summer of 2017.