Climate Justice



The Why 2019-2020: Some of the big questions we are thinking about at All1C..

What is the relationship between poverty, inequality and climate change in the UK context? How does this link to global climate justice work?

Who is currently part of the conversation on climate change and how can we ensure that more diverse voices from a range of different communities including those people experiencing poverty and inequality are brought in?

How can we support people who are are not included in climate change discussions to  communicate their needs within this agenda and hold policy makers to account for ensuring their needs are met.

Our Active Citizen’s project 2019 proved to us the importance of supporting our communities around climate change and climate justice. And so going forward we’re really happy to be committing to using our community engagement expertise and experience to help address climate justice as one of our key strategic objectives going forward.

The How 2021-2022:  All1C Partnership with Todmorden Climate College

All1C has partnered with Todmorden Climate Challenge College as part of their National Lottery Climate Action funded project.

During this time we have piloted some activities to test what works and what would be useful to develop further or differently going forward.

We have been:

  • Supporting the Todmorden Climate College students to consider and explore power, inequality and to develop active citizenship skills to enable them to become climate champions
  • Delivering ‘Climate Conversations’ with key VCS organisations in Calderdale who support communities experiencing poverty and inequality, supporting them to consider the relevance of climate change to their work and to the lives of people they support, and the links between the social and environmental needs in poor communities
  • Designing and facilitating spaces at community and family events in target communities to start the conversation around climate change with people who are currently left out of the dialogue.

We have learnt so much of the last year and are busy planning our next project based on this learning so watch this space for 2022 and onwards!