Calderdale’s Cultural Partnership

It’s November 2020 and here at All 1 C we realise how lucky we are to meet so many different people working in so many interesting and inspiring ways. We really believe in the wealth that partnership brings to everyone involved and for us it means we don’t stop learning. Designing participatory processes to facilitate people to explore issues, challenges and their hopes and desires and solutions is our bread and butter, it’s what we love. And so we felt really privileged to deliver a workshop with 30+ participants from the arts and cultural sector in Calderdale, looking at what they want and need out of the newly invigorated cultural partnership. We only had 2 hours and of course delivered through Zoom and we even attempted to use Padlet for an exercise (it worked!) and we thoroughly enjoyed it – we hope the participants got what as much as we did out of it and we’re looking forward to working together again.