An introduction to our work…


We deliver work that aims to develop confidence, knowledge, skills and connections between individuals and communities.

We do this by designing activities and projects that build on the innate expertise that already exists in communities (applying participatory methodology).

We pride ourselves on constantly learning and reviewing what works and what doesn’t through reflective practice.

We also understand that we don’t have the skills and knowledge to do everything and so we aim to collaborate and partner with other practitioners and organisations.

Some of our recent projects include:

Consultancy and Support

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Areas of Interest and Experience

  • A community needs analysis
  • Facilitating communities to get involved in local decision-making
  • Developing community dialogue activities
  • Developing programmes to facilitate diverse participation
  • Implementing community consultations at the local and regional level
  • Designing community projects and training

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Feedback from Halifax Stories, a six-part creative workshop experience designed to encourage connection between people from established and newer communities across Calderdale:

“Really enjoyed it, some great people, [and] new challenges.” R.L.

“Very good, enjoyable course. [It] brought something out of me I didn’t know was there!!” K.S.

“It brought people together; an easy, pressure free day.” M.G.

“The workshop was fantastic! I liked it and would like them to continue.” K.M.

“I think it is a great way to bring people together from different backgrounds.” I.C.

“Thank you for a job well done!” A.B.

“Lovely engaging organisers” R.S.

“More similar events please.” R.L.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It has been extremely helpful after suffering depression.” K.S.

A very kind comment made by a participant of the Community Skills Training sessions ran in summer 2017, part of the Stronger Communities project pilot.

“If I could write all the words of the world it will not be enough for all the support, help and advice we gained from the course”. M.E.